About me 

If you’re curious to know a little about my business journey or my life as an entrepreneur/founder, here’s a summary on who I am and what I’ve done. 

Hi! My name is Rodrigo Blanco. I have been building businesses since 2003 when I started with a printing company in Mexico.


I have also worked in the corporate world as a Technical Project Manager for several Fortune 500 companies in the tech space, helping them manage their highly confidential financial technology programs, projects, and system implementations/integrations, with a combined worth of $3.5 billion.


Then I dabbled in eCommerce during the golden era of dropshipping as a side-hustle. I was never into social media or bragging about any of my stores or sales because this was a side-hustle and I was learning.


I just built, scaled, and sold my businesses. Quietly. This phase of my life has been one of the most profitable, with more than $2M USD in sales and more than $500K in business exits. It was amazing for me, considering all the variables.


I also discovered that I really enjoy teaching, so I opened my own online academy, Skill Domination, back in 2015. I was also teaching on third-party sites like Udemy, where I helped people from Latin America build their own ecommerce stores using what I had learned so far. 

That’s when I started in the online course creation business, all while refining my craft, learning new things, not necessarily related to ecommerce, and so on. So I just built my Academy to 6 figures a month.


I have also helped more than 20K students from the region generate (at least, as they reported) more than $10M in sales with the strategies and frameworks I have created and taught for ecommerce and retail. From 2015-2019, I was an ecommerce-obsessed entrepreneur, and my online stores generated massive revenue.


At one point, I was generating $100K-$150K USD in revenue a month with a 35-40% profit margin, which was life-changing money for me. It was crazy.

Examples here ( from one of my students ) It’s in spanish, of course:

This one student sold $2.1 Millions in Mexican Peso, or around $128K USD in a single month.


Another example from one of my stores ( back in 2019 ):


And another one from more junior students who were just starting out:

This one, from Spain sold about $5K Euros, or about $5.6K USD in a single month:


All of this is to say that my past experiences and businesses have enabled me to fund other projects, including this one, and have motivated me to expand my reach to a more global audience by producing content in English.


Until recently, all of my content was in Spanish, and I have been slowly winding down my businesses there to renew my focus in other areas.

In 2021, I stopped. Stopped to reflect, learn, train myself, reinvent myself, experiment with new things, take a well-deserved break, and spend time with family and friends. This was the “balance” phase of my life, where I renewed my energy, recovered from difficult family members passing, and other life and health challenges.


Nevertheless, I resolved to share the knowledge and skills I have gained during my journey as a solopreneur. Starting now, in 2023 and beyond, I plan to reach out to a broader audience and offer massive value to you for free.


Since 2020, I have been actively learning, implementing new techniques, refining my craft, and integrating AI into my workflow in course creation, business ops and content creation (because, believe it or not, AI is not that new).


Finally, I think I have a solid understanding of things to the point where I can actually share it with more people.




Rodrigo Blanco